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About Us

Was established in 2011 and is now Malaysia’s most widely recognized
name for the importation and distribution of Office Automation Products,
Telecommunications and Office Stationery.
We are to be found in most retail and wholesale centres in Malaysia and operate retail counters at Pudu Jalan Pasar.
Our expert customer specialists are trained to offer the best possible service when assisting you with the purchasing
of all your office equipment needs, regardless of whether you are purchasing a single unit or in bulk quantities.
Our Customers will always enjoy special discounts and wholesale prices at any time in any of our outlets and we
provide zero interest instalment plans, equipment rental agreements. We even sell selected and inspected used
We’re now also able to arrange your internet and phone services too, making To-day Global Network Sdn Bhd a
time and money-saving “One-Stop Shop”. So, whether you’re setting up a new business or opening a new branch
we’re ready to help in every way we can.

Since you’re here at the website you’ll know that in 2011 we established this e-Commerce facility to enable our
customers to quickly, efficiently and easily make Office Equipment purchases online.
Our goal in doing so is to ensure that our customers are able to get what they need fast. Of course, everyone is also
welcome to visit our nearest To-day global Network sdn bhd store.
We also welcome retailers or business owners that specialized in stationery, mobile phones, IT supplies, cameras,
electric or electronic equipment, gifts and furniture to contact us anytime. We’ll have one of our experienced
consultants call to discuss how we can develop a long-term relationship that can help your business to be more
profitable and more efficient.